It is almost impossible to contemplate the artistic phenomena of the 21st century without understanding them as a cluster of convergent disciplines. Musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and writers mutually support each other to give way to new formats and trends that are advancing inexorably towards a renewal of the old concepts, surrounding the union between music and images. 

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Salón Teatro

Length: 83m 00s



Wendelien van Oldenborgh

  • 2021
  • 28:00
  • Netherlands
  • DOC
  • COL

Here (2021) moves seamlessly between politically charged reflections and personal memories through a constellation of voices and lyrical material. In Arnhem Museum (NL) during its renovation —a place of conservation in transition— we meet a cast of young women who express themselves through music, poetry and dialogue. Together they sensitively explore themes such as hybridity, trans-nationality and diasporic sensitivities: essentially, the political instrumentalisation of identity and cultural renewal in the midst of colonial history's persistent reverberations throughout contemporary society.



Stanley Sunday

  • 2021
  • 55:00
  • Spain
  • FIC
  • COL

Misfortune leads to the musical group Doble Pletina being sentenced to perform community service in a mysterious park in Barcelona. Director Stanley Sunday unfolds his unique, fantastical, and freely absurd universe in this witty musical comedy starring the Barcelona band Doble Pletina. Stop includes four original songs by the band, produced by Hidrogenesse.