Longas x Curto

Created in 2020, this section is dedicated to showcasing some of the most interesting feature films of the year made by female directors that the festival has been following since its inception. In this 18th edition, Longas x Curto features three radically different films by authors who approach fiction and documentary via formally risky and incisive proposals. From the historical fiction of Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado, which recounts the misadventures of some sailors who fled with Columbus to the Canary Islands, to Kikol Grau's punk (in substance and form) retrospective of the Spanish music scene’s last forty years —still suffering from the scars left by Franco's regime. This is all wrapped up by Guillermo Benet and his feature film (inspired by a short film selected in Curtocircuíto 2018): screened in claustrophobic square format, it reconstructs the blurred memory of a night of evictions and riots, focusing on issues such as loyalty, belongingness, and truth.

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Teatro Principal

Length: 99m 00s



Erin Vassilopoulos

  • 2021
  • 99:00
  • USA
  • FIC
  • COL

When Marian is on the run, she goes to the only place she knows is safe: her childhood home. She is greeted by her estranged sister, Vivian, a stay at-home housewife struggling to conceive and on the verge of a failing marriage. Though the two are identical twins, they live opposite lives. Marian’s mysterious return disrupts Vivian’s small-town routine, and the sisters must learn to reconnect and reconcile. When Marian's haunting past finally catches up with her, the separate worlds of both sisters collide, putting them in great danger.

Spanish Premiere