Galician cinema in Curtocircuíto 2021: Planeta GZ, Terra and Supernova


The Galician programme will feature director Enar de Dios, headlining the Terra section; plus, twelve competing proposals in the Planeta GZ section; and nine pieces by young creators exploring themes like identity, future or love through science fiction, DIY documentaries and social drama in Supernova.

The work of Enar de Dios, which alternates between museum and exhibition work and essays, opens a dialogue with the oeuvre of directors such as the Canadian Michael Snow, the Brazilian director Ana Vaz and the British creator Louis Henderson, on themes such as ethnography, the circulation of culture and the exploration of the poetic and the political. De Dios, who has been developing her career in Austria for years, was one of the great discoveries during the last edition of Curtocircuíto. She is, therefore, one of the festival's big names for 2021.

Her works Vestiges (An Archipelago), Liquid ground (which is premiering in Galicia), and Fortress Europe (Promotional Video), will be screened at the 18th edition of Curtocircuíto alongside Snow's So Is This, Vaz's A idade da pedra, and Henderson's The Sea is History.

Planet GZ

Every year, the competitive section Planeta GZ showcases the best Galician films of the year. On this occasion, it features 12 films that complement each other, focusing on topics such identity as seen from the perspective of pandemic youth, or emotional scars from the past that have not yet healed. These films combine traditional narratives with experimental forms, using formats ranging from the most abstract animation to video essay or absurdist comedy, without leaving out a renewed strain of narrative fiction.

Planeta GZ will be a meeting place for new names such as Carlos Iglesias Losada, with his work Hermosos arándanos; and new filmmakers such as those featured in Supernova: Antía Carreira, with Formigón, and Ariadna Cordal García, with her film Auria, última noite, together with names such as Alejandra Pombo, who in this edition is participating with Fade to Black, or Ángel Montero Vázquez, who is presenting Eu máis.

These names will share the section with well-known artists presenting their latest works at the festival, such as Alberto Vázquez (Homeless Home); Eloy Domínguez (Os Corpos); Berio Molina (Radio Cu Cu); Brandán Cerviño (A Comuñón da miña prima Andrea), Judith Adataberna (Inside the Microtubule); Borja Santomé (Rumbo a Eleusis); Dani Cornes, who is presenting together with Ariadna Cordal García; and Xacio Baño (Augas abisais).


One of the key sections in Curtocircuíto is Supernova. This non-competitive section, which focuses on very young creators, is intended to showcase works in which the need to create is more important than form or content. This year’s line-up boasts nine films opening paths for the future cinema.

Creators returning after last year, such as Sol Mussa, who is presenting Ratatouille, or Ariadna Silva Fernández, with O intruso, will be screening their work alongside new names such as Noemí Parga (Ya es mañana en Australia), Nadia Sniba (Que nos pillen ben peinadas, 2020), Aaron Vilariño (Rakel), Martín Caínzos (Galego á medianoite), Miguel Gómez (O que queda de nós), Ester G. Mera (Génesis), and Marcos Montiel (O burato).

All of them make up a selection of pieces that take on different shapes and approaches to talk about identity, the future or love via genres such as science fiction, DIY documentaries or social drama.