The Screen x Curtocircuíto – Marketing from the production phase with Teresa Morales de Álava

Sala Riquela

Tuesday October 5th - 10:30 am | Wednesday October 6th - 11:00 am

Film production is an uncertain path where encyclopaedic knowledge is often demanded from producers. The Screen is committed to breaking down this barrier and encouraging emerging talent by providing them with the tools and knowledge to bring their projects to fruition. One way to do this is by focusing on less visible aspects of the production phase, in this case, marketing.

In this session, we will work on five Galician projects in production, focusing on aspects such as positioning their feature films, identifying the essence of their stories, sales angles and red lines, branding and creativity, marketing strategies or the relationship with the press and public relations. All of this will be applied specifically to each project.

Curtocircuíto hosts this initiative in collaboration with The Screen, thus reinforcing its commitment as a living space that facilitates meetings and professional promotion.

Teresa Morales de Álava

Teresa Morales de Álava founded the cultural marketing agency weareMAGMA after more than 10 years as marketing director at Telecinco Cinema. She is also the executive director of Navarra's international documentary film festival, Punto de Vista.


  • Anoche conquisté Tebas - Gabriel Azorín + FILMIKA + DVEIN
  • Así chegou a noite - Angel Santos + MIRAMEMIRA
  • Cando toco un animal - Angel Filgeira + Silvia Fuentes
  • Crías - Xiana do Teixeiro 
  • As defensas - Lucía Estévez + CÓSMICA PRODUCIÓNS