Seeking Shelter: Residencies and Creative Centres

Tuesday October 5th | 6:00 pm | Facebook and Youtube

This round table will focus on how important it is to have spaces in which to think about and practice cinema and creativity. We aim to generate a dialogue between residencies that have different backgrounds but believe in the transformative power of film. They are havens for training and film production in a participatory and inclusive environment and are essential for many projects in their most intimate moment. We believe that today these spaces are even more necessary to bring us together and keep us company over time.

Vale Via (Casa de Lava)

Vale Via (Barcelona, 1993) is an independent curator and researcher on non-fiction cinema. His latest project has been the artistic direction and curatorship of the Casa de Lava meetings on non-fiction cinema.

Almudena Escobar López (The Flaherty Seminar)

Almudena Escobar López is a curator, archivist, and independent researcher. She has presented programmes at Anthology Film Archives (NYC), UnionDocs (NYC), Cineteca Nacional de México (DF) and Cinemateca de Bogotá, among other venues. She is part of the programming team at Media City, and the New York Film Festival. Together with Sky Hopinka, she is the programmer of the 2022 Flaherty Seminar.

Marta Andreu (Residencias Walden)

Marta Andreu created Walden, whose main activity is organizing writing residencies, in 2016. She oversaw Playtime (2004-2019) producing titles such as La terra habitada, Cuchillo de palo, Amanecer and Oleg y las raras artes. Since 2009, she has been giving international seminars on documentary filmmaking and project development workshops.

Moderated by: Marta Ramos Yzquierdo

Independent curator. Yzquierdo has a Degree in Art History from the Universidad Complutense, a Master in Cultural Management from the Instituto Ortega y Gasset, and as a curator she is part of ICI New York. From 2003 to 2015 she lived in Chile and Brazil, where she worked in different institutions and media. Back in Spain, she has been the director of LOOP Barcelona 2017, and a resident at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2018-2019). She is currently a professor of Curatorial Practices of the Master of the SUR School (Univ. Carlos III, Círculo Bellas Artes), and also collaborates regularly with magazines El Cultural and A*Desk. Her projects and research revolve around the concept of work and the working conditions of artists as well as the analysis of hegemonic constructions in relation to history, time and its narratives.