Residencia artística Curtocircuíto


Curtocircuíto - International Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela continues to be a place for the confluence of different disciplines, maintaining its focus on auteur cinema and a commitment to contemporary languages. Each edition pursues, through this interdisciplinary approach, the link between city, audience, and creators. 

In 2021, the festival has organised once again, with the support of Santiago Turismo, the Santiago de Compostela Film Commision and Cuarto Pexigo,. This project focuses on the intersection of different visual arts through an artistic residency awarded to photographer Bandia Ribeira. It is a project focused on seeking an image of Santiago de Compostela that contrasts with the traditional representations of the city.

Objective of the Curtocircuíto Residency

Faced with a situation of change marked by tourist exploitation in pandemic times, this artistic residency seeks to provide the city with images that uncover the origins of a historic quarter buried in a digital avalanche of topical and superficial photos. That is why we propose to revisit its spaces, architecture, and streets. Under this premise, our proposal will be based on the invitation of the photographer Bandia Ribeira, who has participated in several exhibitions and photography festivals such as Encontros da Imagem 2016 (Portugal), Diffusion Festival 2015 (Wales), Scan Photobooks 2014 (Tarragona) or Bienal de Arte Pintor Laxeiro 2017, in Lalín (Pontevedra). 

Her stay will take place during the dates of the festival itself (2 to 10 October), in the Cuarto Pexigo space, with the aim of capturing her vision of the city. Linking her photographic work with an exercise of rediscovering Compostela, Ribeira will work on the representation of realities that go unnoticed: looking at the most emblematic places or delving into the most common images from a new perspective —always with absolute creative freedom in both form and content.

About Cuarto Pexigo

Cuarto Pexigo is mainly aimed at creative professionals, photographers, or artists in general, who want to get to know Santiago de Compostela and produce a work inspired by their stay. This space, with its diaphanous architecture, connected to the exterior and close to Belvís Park, is located at Rúa do Pexigo de Abaixo, 18, Bajo Derecha (15704, Compostela). Its location and architecture are ideal for hosting artistic stays in an atmosphere of retreat and disconnection. At the same time, it is very close to the liveliest and most dynamic areas of the city, allowing one to immerse themselves in Santiago, away from typical tourist accommodation and routes.

Bandia Ribeira

Bandia Ribeira is a documentary photographer from As Pontes (A Coruña) based in Almería. She graduated in Political Science and later received a BA in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales, Newport. She has participated in various exhibitions and photography festivals such as Encontros da Imagem 2016 (Portugal), Diffusion Festival 2015 (Wales), Scan Photo Books 2014 (Tarragona) or Bienal de Arte Pintor Laxeiro 2017 in Lalín (Pontevedra). 

Her work has received awards suchas as the XII Premio de Creación Fotográfica Luis Ksado (2015), Reginald Salisbury Travel Award, or one of the premios Ciutat de Barcelona (2012). Her self-published book about the city of Newport, Life is Great, Without It You'd Be Dead (2014) was a finalist of the BarTur Photobook Award in 2015.

In recent years she has been working as a teacher, as well as developing a new photographic project in Almería, a province in southeastern Spain that is known for its export-oriented vegetable production industry.